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New Saber Cat package......

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New Saber Cat package......

Postby NorthernSkunk » February 8th, 2002, 1:35 pm

The new Saber Cat package is a little too weird for me. Thats a skull decal on the side of that sled. I have two fairly big skulls tattooed on my body(too much info? LMFAO!!). So me drivin a sled with a "factory" skull in the decals is only gonna cause me to get trashed big time. If we are gonna start drivin "customized" sleds, then I got some buddies to paint my sled for me. I don't need no stinkin "factory" skulls. I think the Saber Cat decal package sucks.
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New Saber Cat package......

Postby PowDar » February 8th, 2002, 2:42 pm

Variety. Won't be as many "clones" out there at least. But nothing beats a custom paintjob! d**n, I sure wouldn't mind learning how to do a good paintjob. Some awesome looking sleds with airbrush jobs!
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New Saber Cat package......

Postby PRO-X » February 8th, 2002, 2:52 pm

I havent seen the new graphics package yet. Where can i see it?
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New Saber Cat package......

Postby Valley runner » February 8th, 2002, 2:53 pm

I can see it now,skunk package,black with a white stripe down the centre,Brutt in the oil tank.Sled with rabies opt.{zr}or defumed {zl}?
Valley runner
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New Saber Cat package......

Postby mx6 » February 9th, 2002, 1:11 am

What will the next package be, The Flintstone Special? Do what I did and remove three quarters of the decals. It shows more of that nice black paint.
Stewart Selid
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New Saber Cat package......

Postby 2k2mxz6 » February 9th, 2002, 1:51 am

I saw the graphics on the blackmagic site,they show pictures of the graphics on different sleds.What sucks is they showed pictures from their vacation at the show,any how I would take the red F5 in the patriot package.
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New Saber Cat package......

Postby CatHater » February 9th, 2002, 3:32 am

Went to my mailbox today and lo and behold i got a kitty brochure from my friendly neighborhood post lady. Funny how all you kitty boys bashed doo and Polaris for offering graphics packages but hmm now that kitty is doing it it sure has gotten awful quiet out there. I will admit i do like the graphics package on the Canadian and the Patriot package though too bad they are wasted on such a piece of junk. Well at least when they are getting towed home or sitting on the trailer or when somebody finds pieces of them laying on the trail it won't look quite so bad.
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