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Postby Fox click » February 10th, 2002, 8:41 am

How accurate is the Tach on you sled? My speedo is 10 mphslower than a radar gun. I had some one shoot my sled in a 1/4 mile and my speedo said 95 but the gun said 87
Fox click
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Postby polarisman415 » February 10th, 2002, 11:29 am

sounds about right... Someone i know had there MXZ700 going 125 on the speedo and only 107 on radar
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Postby kenlacy » February 10th, 2002, 1:20 pm

Call me crazy - but I think your speedo is 8 mph FASTER than the gun.
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Postby Xtreme XC » February 10th, 2002, 1:37 pm

As I stated on another post, I was out today and got clocked by a radar do 92 when my speedo read 100-102. I've had the speedo to 115 before.
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