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Predictions for WSA Final

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Predictions for WSA Final

Postby x-tream » March 15th, 2003, 1:44 pm

With the points still close enough for Morgan or Hibbert to take the title it is gona all come down to the final race. Who thinks Morgan will keep the lead and pull of the championship??? or who thinks that Hibbert will pull off an amazing come from behind win and take on if not both classes??????

I put my money on Morgan all the way.
What do you guys think??
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Predictions for WSA Final

Postby elanman » March 15th, 2003, 1:50 pm

I will have to say It's Morgan's to WIN or lose.
I will put It on the line and say Morgan.
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Predictions for WSA Final

Postby Ski-don't F111 » March 15th, 2003, 10:55 pm

MORGAN.... Tucker is a wussy boy.
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Predictions for WSA Final

Postby indysp440 » March 16th, 2003, 2:26 am

tucker will win the championship morgan will blow a motor like last week!!!hehehe
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Predictions for WSA Final

Postby Stephen73 » March 16th, 2003, 3:26 am

I'm gonna go with Morgan. He has a good points lead and is an awesome rider!
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Predictions for WSA Final

Postby mx6 » March 16th, 2003, 8:09 am

Morgan-Island-Hibbert in Stock
Kuster-Morgan-Hibbert in Open Mod
Stewart Selid
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Predictions for WSA Final

Postby smalls10 » March 16th, 2003, 8:26 am

morgan will win, convincing yamaha to go ahead with the development of a race sled, a cross between the SRX and a YZ. tucker, who was going to race bikes full time decides he'd rather go out on top and dedicates one more year to arctic in which they build something radical, closer resembling tuckers x-game gold medal sled. which helps boost their sales and get them breathing again. everyone wins, especially the sport of snowmobiling. that would be my scenario...
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