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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby Flatout » March 9th, 2004, 5:24 am

Larry again showed everyone from the west that he is the fastest and most consistant snowmobile racer on the planet. Larry ran away from the field with Jacques Villeneuve (another Eastern Pro-Tour driver) coming in second in the CPTC feature race in Beausejour. Larry Day and the Hooper racing Arctic Cat won virtually every race they entered starting with the WC and ending with the CPTC race in Beausejour.
Hats off to this guy,,,He is a fierce competitor on the track and a true gentleman off the track.
Larry Day,,, definitely my vote for the "Racer of the Year".
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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby SNOWHAWK » March 9th, 2004, 5:33 am

I agree with that, I meet him once and he is a true gentlemen, his team racer friend Aaron Fellows too!

Congratulations to Larry he is the best and we are pround of him.

I hope we will see him next year in Quebec
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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby Rathke#33 » March 9th, 2004, 5:43 am

Congrats Larry,
You were flying on the track...Good to see ya there.
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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby The Truth » March 9th, 2004, 6:13 am

[b]Not even CLOSE!,[/b] It doesn't appear to me that Larry's driving made that sled dominant. There are a handfull of drivers that could've acomplished the same results on that sled. Larry's a good driver but not the driver of the year. [b]John Hooper[/b] should be credited somehow for his accomplishments in developing those dominant sleds. Larry didn't make that sled successful, that sled needed a body on it and it would've been competitive.

I'll give credit where credit is due, but Larry doesn't get my vote.

The stories I've heard about him from his late night exploits alone would have me second guessing if he's acting in an gentalmanly way. If he was gracious at the awards banquet that's great, but my response was to being a "true gentalman" and to me I am basing it on what I've heard and you guys are right I should get to know him before I say anything about him personally and I apologize. Everybody likes to have a "good time" and that's what snowmobile racing is about .......................The Truth

P.S. I've edited this because you guys think I'm bashing Larry, but I'm not. I'm trying to give Hooper credit for what he's been able to do the last few seasons with his own stuff as well as pj and others. As far as what Larry does on his own time is his choice and that's not a knock on him as far as driving goes. Based on wins, I guess I'd have too go with him. As far as being the difference of that sled winning or losing, I don't think his [b]Driving[/b] is what made it sucessful.
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The Truth
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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby rathke13 » March 9th, 2004, 6:28 am

i wouldnt be disappointed if larry got racer of the year!
what a weekend he had up in beausejour last weekend! he is a lotta fun. i would have to agree with him being a true gentlemen. i met him for the first time last weekend-and him and his crew were so much fun. they definately know how to party. larry-i woulda gave you a 10 on your "belly-flop" haha. what was up with that 8 crap! hope to see ya next year~ashley rathke13
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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby 27NE » March 9th, 2004, 6:32 am

Alright Look Man.. I Dont Know What You Are Smoking Here But Before You Start Running Your Mouth, You Really Need A Little more Back up than that little wanna be story you just pulled from you A**! Personally have you really gotten to know larry? From the sounds of it I highly doubt it. All this year and last since he joined back into the hooper race team, I've gotten to know larry on and off the track. He is like any other normal person! Bye the way... How is an oval racer supposed to act? Are all oval racers supposed to be back at their hotels at 9:30? No.. They have personal lives off the track. And if what you supposedly heard is so bad than do you really think that Jon Hooper would allow that? HELL NO! Jon Hooper is one strict man when it comes to his drivers! Jon Would have gotten rid of his guy already! I have to tell you that no dis-respect to any other racers who have in the past raced for Jon, but Who was the last person on his team who was p for racer of the year? Tell me that! So until you can come up with some real info. SHUT UP!
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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby Oly » March 9th, 2004, 7:26 am

Regarding the personal attack by "The Truth": Get a life, if you have issues with the man go talk to him face to face, don't slander him anonymously on a message board behind your faked profile.

As for his driving, what I witnessed in Eagle River this year was amazing, his last lap of the World Championship race was pure skill, guts and focused determination, he even kept it togather after a slight bobble in turn #1 that would have made a lesser man give up, only to come back and pass PJ in turn 4. I've been watching and following oval racing since the early 70's and that was the most thrilling performance on a race track that I've ever had the good fortune to see.

I'll keep cheering for and supporting the Wahls and PJ, but Larry Day get's my vote this year. Nice job and congratulations on a great year Larry!
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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby CoryEwingdeactivated » March 9th, 2004, 7:52 am

Hey "The Truth", how can you post something like that and not be a real man and write your name down afterwards??? Your name isn't even in your profile. I respect your opinion, but you should at least have enough balls to post your name.

I myself, definately believe Larry should be "Racer of the Year", and have been saying it all along. I guess I really don't see any other candidate.

And also, Flatout, why are you saying stuff about Larry showing us guys in the west??? We westerners as you guys say have always thought highly of Larry and the rest of you guys who race out east. I thought we are all the same. We are all "Ice Racers".

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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby CoryEwingdeactivated » March 9th, 2004, 7:57 am

And also, what a man does in his personal time is his own business. Don't knock a guy for having a good time, Larry is a classy guy. He has always treated me well and I appreciate him for it.

Don't listen to this******Larry, because that is all it is.

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Larry Day "Racer of the Year"

Postby Pipman » March 9th, 2004, 8:23 am

In response to the truths comments:

I have got to say he's right about the one point that the sleds are set up so anyone that is a decent driver, is going to win the majority of the races.

John (Which is the way he spells it Justin) has worked many years at perfecting the chassis. Larry and Landon both went through a ton of changes (and crashes) on those sleds when John wanted to test from 97-99. They had some tough years at Eagle like 97,98,99. Larry was leading or in the top three positions on the twelveth lap and just hit a bump the square on and was thrown from the machine. Landon was leading a heat there and ended up hitting the same spot on turn four that everyone hit these past few years. The sled was totaled and he ended up with a concusion.

As a team owner, John has accomplished alot of success with all his drivers. Keith Young was a tough one to beat at Eagle in the early 90's. Then Eric Nicholsen (sorry about the spelling Eric) had great success as a driver for John with wins on the Eastern Pro Tour and CPTC in March. Philip Moulton had awesome years like in 2001 while running for John with championships on the EPT and led all 90 laps at CPTC for a great weekend. In 2002 and 2003 there were many more wins after that too.

I just think Larry has a good team to run on. In the years that Larry ran without help from John he was an Ok driver. But to run in the champ 440 class as a competitor and have a chance to win, you need alot more then just a decent chassis. You need a motor builder, a chassis designer that can make changes when the track calls for it, a decent driver, a dedicated crew that your driver can trust, a family that is behind you 110% (both driver and crew), sponsors with lots of help. Take away some of those variables and see how far you get.

What's my choice then you ask?

I say the drivers of the SOO-500 or a 500 mile Cross Country driver are the real drivers. Yes their teams are a big factor there too, but the drivers are a different breed. I don't disagree when someone gets the snowweek award like drivers past, it is a decision made by snowweek editors, like it or leave it. If I don't like it, I can just start my own award ceremony and I can give the award to who ever I want. I'll call the Pip's choice award.

Just a thought

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