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Ski-doo clutch knowledge needed

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Ski-doo clutch knowledge needed

Postby Snocross861 » September 27th, 2004, 4:51 pm

Can I interchange a TRA with a TRA III? Do they have the same angle to mate with the crankshafts and same retaining bolts?
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Ski-doo clutch knowledge needed

Postby snake321 » September 27th, 2004, 5:11 pm

I wouldn't see why not.
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Ski-doo clutch knowledge needed

Postby jpiler » September 30th, 2004, 5:36 am

The taper is the same,however the offset for the secondary will probably change.You will most likely have to add or remove shim washers from behind the secondary clutch to acheive the proper offset again.If the primary is set up for a different belt width that will also have to be shimmed internally.You really should get a service manual or Race handbook.:W
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