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Postby Flatout » March 17th, 2005, 1:27 pm

Is it my imagination or have all the sno cross racers fallen off this board. Looking at all the recent posts they all pretty well involve oval or enduro. Or is it that oval and enduro are where the real passion for racing lies? Perhaps we all should lobby the manufacturers to build some oval sleds so that new blood or retiring sno crossers can buy race ready oval sleds and keep racing. I know a couple of years ago SkiDoo dabbled in "oval kits" for their Rev sled. I built the pipes for these kits but I havent heard what happened!!! Lets band together and see if SkiDoo Arctic Polaris and yes even Yamaha will commit to building even 25 sleds each for oval. They can be 600 440 fan cooled or whatever! Just give us some factory ovalsleds so we can keep racing.
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Postby Krispy Kreme » March 17th, 2005, 2:22 pm

Because they will accuse you of taking a hood from a yamaha and belly pan from polaris and sticking a rookie that is drivin way over his head on it.
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Postby Snocross861 » March 17th, 2005, 5:22 pm

Dude, I read some of that post and everyone is pretty heated with their own opinion it seems. Guys drive way over their heads in Snocross all the time. My sled shows a lot of battle scars from being t-boned for no particular reason. I hate it when drivers get in over their head, but have been guilty of it myself so I won't get into that. From what I understood, the guy who started the topic said that Lavallee (sp) used someone else's sled but disguised it as his own. In snocross that is against the rules (ISR) and I'm assuming in ovals/enduro as well. The guy that started the topic should SHOW proof and maybe we could end it.

I do agree that oval/enduro racers get the short end of the deal, especially after reading in Sno-x mag about the Polaris team that had to custom manufacture parts and redesign things..that's not fair to them. They put a butload of cash into racing/designing and win if they designed their sled well (on top of their driving) and Polaris gets the credit. Me, I just uncrate my sno-x sled and head for Duluth.

IF not for this Lavallee post I would be pretty bored on here..where the hell are all the snocross topics? Guess we need Blair back to get everyone excited? Did anyone even talk about the Park X National? I know three riders personally that I have talked to that said it was an excellent track, best ever in one guy's opinion. Nobody went to watch? Nothin dirty went down?
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Postby Spy-Guy 74 » March 17th, 2005, 7:03 pm

Flatout I like what you said on this post the most in what I have heard that is going to be proposed for next year. I have looked at four different proposals from the mid west, and looking at them I don't like them as much as what we have now. Now is the time for all of the manufactures to step up and say what they want to see. By Monday I will have my own proposal ready for whats to happen to ice ovals.
I don't like a weight rule for stock as the sled and driver having to weigh a certian amount. If we were betting on sleds like horse racing I could maybe see it, but folks we are not.
Everyone keeps bringing up they want to see oval racing comeback to the level it had in the seventies. It just will not happen, we had alot more manufactures, distributors had larger teams than the factory snow cross teams do now. Polaris,Cat, and Ski-doo had open check books they could spend whatever it took to win. Thats not going to happen now days the earnings on stock is way more important than who won on Sunday for the manufactures.
Remember to folks the Eastmans, Thompsons,Bernats, and Coltons of those days made more on a Sunday than most folks made in a couple of months. The money isn't there and thats the only thing that will make this turn around quickly. If there is money to be made you'll get plenty of racers back at the tracks. It may sound harsh but its true folks!!
Stock racing has always had quite a few differences. When Leroy Lindblad won those back to back 500 mile races in the seventies do you think that was the same sled you or I could buy. Not even close, exotic metals were used back then to you would have had to drive over his sled with a tank to hurt it.
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Postby team obsolete » March 17th, 2005, 7:14 pm

Amen and Goodnight!! oh yeah, Spy-guy please turn the lights off and lock the door!!
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Postby froggy3 » March 18th, 2005, 1:05 am

I am from the Enduro side of racing and I agree with Flatout and Spy guy totally. If we want oval racing to grow, we have to have some support from all of the manufacturers. We have to have some sleds that are made to run ovals and will entail minimum cost to get race ready.
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Postby sled_king » March 18th, 2005, 2:19 am

Howard, your observations are correct for the mostpart.
this is the only website where the oval crowd seems to be hanging out these days. i feequent many other websites and only this one has any oval racers on it. all the other websites racers are snowcrossers. i wonder why that is?
i would love to see the factories build some out of the box oval sleds.
in my opinion, the junior classes are the most important thing for the furure of our sport. junior class racers will carry on the tradition. we need to have em start young...
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Postby polaris120 » March 18th, 2005, 2:46 am

i agree we need to get more amature classes plus we need to get them running more then 10 laps so the ge tthe experiance of running laps for long periods. if we dont have that. ovals has no future and i to would like to see the manufactures start build oval sleds
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Postby AHF928 » March 18th, 2005, 4:53 am

Everyone agrees they want to buy and off the rack oval sled. How much would you spend on one? The first question manufacturers will ask is how much.

I truely think a stock/sprint type sled could be built and sold for less than $7,000 US race ready and still show a modest profit..

I am not talking Hooper or Wahl level Champ sleds here. I am talking 400lb, 116x15 inch tracks, stock engines with single exhausts. Offer them in 380fan, 600 fan, 440 liquid. Beginner to oval sleds that could be added to later or have parts changed as they get $$$ and experience. Heck even limit it to 4 bar trailing arms, all companies made those at one time or another.

If we could get 50 new drivers a year to become addicted as we all are now it would be great.

If it were done on a spring check basis only, no minimum by ISR. Even aftermarket companies could offer them if they believed there was a market for them.

Start small, grow slowly and under control. I don't want 500 new Champ drivers coming because it became "cool" Then you will see some wrecks and injuries.
Ovals rule
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