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riding position for jumping

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riding position for jumping

Postby sleds will ride » January 11th, 2002, 11:47 am

I`m getting kicked off my machine when I jump sometimes.My riding style is like a motocross bike but my friend says you should sit down and jam your feet up front and hold on with your legs.
Hey I figure you snowcrossers should have the answers.
Thanks for any help!!
sleds will ride
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riding position for jumping

Postby yak165 » January 11th, 2002, 2:37 pm

Most likely your getting kicked BECAUSE you're sitting down. Sitting down over the jump will preload the suspension and kick you. Stand up going up the face of the jump, while accelerating will have you flying level. Do not wait until you are at the top before getting on the gas or your fly skis high, not being on the gas will 'cause you to endo.
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riding position for jumping

Postby Brycejb_328 » January 12th, 2002, 7:03 am

if you are a motocrosser you should have a really good idea about what it takes to move a machine around in the air, I wouldnt sit down. I dont even use the brake or gas much in the air, i just use my arms and legs to move the sled around and so far it has worked ok.
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riding position for jumping

Postby ammdrew » January 13th, 2002, 12:40 am

if you are getting bucked, kikcked off that is usually a sighn of anot enough rebound, unless you are falling off on bottoming of the suspension.......but a sled that bounces off the ground is hard to stay on standing or sitting, standing allows you to absorb some of the shock in your legs... that is why a seat is considered a huge percentage of ride quality.....
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riding position for jumping

Postby medicine man » January 13th, 2002, 10:45 am

Try this....
1. Pull "up on the sled" when you are going into and over the jump. The motion is similar to "pulling" your motocross bike to you when jumping.
2. "Pinch" your feet together on the tunnel when the sled leaves the jump. The cousin to this is making sure that you are not standing up too high or too far back when jumping.
The closer you can stay to the "pivot point" of the sled, the less likely to get thrown!
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medicine man
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riding position for jumping

Postby pepi_2k » January 14th, 2002, 7:31 am

i can almost gurantee ur getting bucked of cause of the sitting down. i dont know how big u are but if its hard to control the sled, when u do a nose dive ur either not going fast enough or urletting off the gas to soon, with this try to hit the gas and it shuld levil it out more for u and if u are about to land backend down tap the brake.
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riding position for jumping

Postby Homancan » January 14th, 2002, 11:54 am

Don't sit down and use the foot holds. If you do you greatly increase your chance of ankle injury over standing up. Do you watch snocross races? Look at the guys that get dragged by their foot holds and watch them limping later in the day.
If you're having trouble with your rear end clipping the landing you may want to move your feet further ahead on the boards in the air to put weight closer to pivot point. I wouldn't jam them in the foot holds though. I put my feet on the reinforcements on my 02 pro, so about half way back on the boards. I have no problems with kickback. Soak up the face of the jump with your legs and your sled will fly flatter.
When was the last time you rebuilt your shocks? Too much rebound will kick you forward. Ask a buddy to let you ride his machine if he's had a recent rebuild and see if his sled works better for you. You'll figure out if it's your fault or your sleds fault.
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riding position for jumping

Postby ZR800XC » January 14th, 2002, 11:56 am

Keep your feet up in the footrests, to stand up, keep your feet there and rise yourself up by pulling on the bars. DON'T move your feet back out of the rests, this will preload your suspension more than is needed and will "buck you" It takes alot of strength and control to keep your feet as far forward as possible, but believe me, you get the best results. If you're racing, your ass should never touch the seat incase you hit a big just might kiss your headlight. Plus with your feet up forward, it allows you to rock the sled over bumps without jarring your body, just like whoops on a dirtbike. I like to keep the flipper to the bars until the sled's completely airborn, as soon as you feel the nose come up, let off the gas, hit the brake and let your body lean forward and land on the ramp. This is THE fastest way through the air. Letting off the gas too soon and you'll jump higher, taking more time to clear the obsticle..............This my friend is coming from someone who know's and used to be good, but I broke my femur in '00 in a bad dirtbike crash and never really raced the bumps since, I stick with my sled and pretty much just ride the trail......Broke bones hurt, especially that femur...WOW


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