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Ed DeVault

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Ed DeVault~Condition Update 1/24/02

Postby mx6 » January 26th, 2002, 1:40 am

Like everyone else I hope this warrior of winter makes a complete recovery soon.
Stewart Selid
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Ed DeVault~Condition Update 1/24/02

Postby wintermom » January 26th, 2002, 7:36 am

Ed, and the entire DeVault family -

Please know that you are in our thoughts and our prayers daily. If "good wishes" and "hopeful thoughts" were medical healers, you'd be well and home by now.

If there is ANYTHING Jeff and I can do for any of you, please feel free to call us. We'd be more than happy to help in any way we can.

Jeff, Vicki, Luke and Amy Lanzendorf
Think snow.
Ride hard. Ride safe.
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Ed DeVault~Condition Update 1/24/02

Postby zr800newyork » January 26th, 2002, 4:15 pm

thinking about you and praying for a recovery- just another sledder that's concerned..TS from Tug Hill- NY
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Ed DeVault~Condition Update 1/24/02

Postby Team77C » January 27th, 2002, 1:17 am

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ed, his family and crew. I know many of the racers and crews here in the Northeast are thinking of Ed and wish him a speedy recovery. Thank you for the updates.
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Ed DeVault~01/27/02

Postby seemenowyoudont » January 27th, 2002, 9:52 am

good luck ed and your family you were great to watch on the track!!
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Ed DeVault~01/27/02

Postby Team Indy X » January 28th, 2002, 3:01 pm

Wanted to update to let you know
that I check this site weekly, ED
hope to get to see you soon.

Greg Bowers
(old Hanley gang)

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Team Indy X
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Ed DeVault~01/27/02

Postby ArcticEd » January 28th, 2002, 11:42 pm

Hope that you all find progress in Ed's recovery soon and there is hope and comfort in your vigil. Best wishes to your entire family.
"Arctic" Ed Gregorowicz

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Ed DeVault~01/29/02

Postby dale_3 » January 29th, 2002, 11:19 am

Ed,Kim and the whole DeVault family,

We are hoping and praying for a full recovery! You all are in our thoughts and prayers. If you need anything please Cheryl let us know! Positive thoughts and prayers can do wonders and we will continue to keep them coming.

Love and Prayers,

The Kohls
Keith, Juli, Jami and Kortni
(formerly of 925 N Fair Oaks)

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Ed DeVault~01/29/02

Postby Dan96 » January 29th, 2002, 11:49 am

Thanks for the updates. I check for new updates daily
Dan Sainsbury
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Ed DeVault~01/29/02

Postby Moltar » January 29th, 2002, 1:51 pm

Cheryl, thank you for taking the time again for the updates. It helps everyone here very much to know how Ed and your family are doing. I feel helpless but I know our prayers and thoughts are the best right now.

sideways and smiling
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