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Steve Arpin, Jamie Bellman

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Steve Arpin, Jamie Bellman

Postby Henderson » January 21st, 2002, 1:16 pm

Anyone know of any emails for these two racers? Jamie runs ski doo on asphalts and Steve runs polaris on Ice. Met up with these guys last year and would like to talk with them. Thanks
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Steve Arpin, Jamie Bellman

Postby racer43 » January 21st, 2002, 11:36 pm

You can get a hold of Steve through that is the web site of their business there should be an email on the site
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Steve Arpin, Jamie Bellman

Postby snowgirl » January 22nd, 2002, 8:51 am

If you can't get to Steve through the website, my friend knows him so if you gave her your email I'm sure she would give it to him. Just a thought.
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Steve Arpin, Jamie Bellman

Postby race00 » January 24th, 2002, 5:35 pm

If you need to gfet a hold of me, my e-mail is
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