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Enticers Rule?

The name says is all. Got an older sled? Restoring a sled? Discuss your project with other collectors here.

Enticers Rule?

Postby Brown » November 10th, 2003, 9:07 am

your a moron..
ive had every enticer made.. the 250, 300 and 340
what sled did you start off with?
they make very good starter machines and you know what i bet you my ET 250 is faster then any 250 single cylinder you can get your hands on stock for stock and modied for modied.. 62 miles per hour stock and 70 miles an hour with just port and polishing..
the only time i declined to race with the 250 tho was against a MiniZ so i had to go get my machz cuz you know i thought i didn't have a chance

haha what a joke
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