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wiring diagram

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wiring diagram

Postby redline_junkie » January 23rd, 2002, 11:34 am

yea i dont know if a 91 indy 500 is classified as vintage but you vintage guys know alot more than the guys who buy brand new sleds and know nothing about them. so anyhow, i need a wiring diagram for my 91 indy 500 sks.

When rebuilding the motor (again) i was taking the motor out and i accidentally pulled a wire out from somewhere. There is one 6 pronged plug that comes from the stator and there was a brown wire that came from one side of the plug and went somewhere on the other side of the plug and i dont know where exactly. If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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wiring diagram

Postby gopack36 » January 24th, 2002, 2:34 am


I can not help you with the wiring but I can give you this link to a site were you can buy the service manual that should give you everything that you need.

Now you can either buy this book or you can call your local library and see if they have it for you to check out.

Good luck.
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