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A D Boivin Kit for 99 ZR

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A D Boivin Kit for 99 ZR

Postby GREENGOBLIN » September 23rd, 2001, 12:51 pm

Hey all, was thinking about getting this kit for my cat. Was wondering what the over all effect of it is? Will it be more plush in the bumps or just as hard? Also, do I have to re-valve my shocks once this kit is installed?
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A D Boivin Kit for 99 ZR

Postby IndyT-cat » September 23rd, 2001, 11:31 pm

I had one on my sled last year and it made it hand flat in the turns and kept the skis down on when you pin the throttle. It doesn't let the suspension transfer the weight all the way. I had an extreme amount of track slippage and I'm now experimenting with different lenght of openings to try to get more weight transfer but also keep the skis somewhat close to the ground. As far as a Plush ride I would say it helped in the small stutter bumps but I couldn't tell the difference in the large craters. I also didn't revalve my shocks.

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A D Boivin Kit for 99 ZR

Postby BartZR600 » September 24th, 2001, 1:50 am

I installed this kit last year on my 2000 ZR600. So far I like it. It handles the stutter bumps very well, but in my opinion, nothing will make the huge craters less of an impact. Like on your car, you can have the best shocks, but if you go over a curb, you still feel it. As far as keeping the skis on the ground, it works well. The way I have it adjusted is so the skis come off the ground on full acceleration only about 2-3". Whether the skis are 2 inches or 2 feet off the ground they are still off the ground and therefore full weight transfer is achieved, right? I do agree that you tend to spin a little. Of course I don't have studs either, so I may spin more. I didn't revalve. I just flipped my spring adjuster cam back a notch.
Just my $.02!
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