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Postby SLDSTRM » December 4th, 2001, 11:02 am

Does anybody know of a good place to stay In Quebec. Looking for something that is on the trail and close to town
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Postby bigbowtie » December 5th, 2001, 4:05 am

Dont bother going there. The trails arnt what they used to be and the people are rude. You cant even double ride without a double seat or have aftermarket pipes on your sled. If you are caught they make you get of the trail and fine you, especially if you cant speak french. I would stick to ontario if i were you. Either way there is not really any snow up here yet.
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Postby Snoguy » December 5th, 2001, 12:33 pm

Is this a new area,Canda or the old one called Canada,Kidding,only.
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Postby arieo » December 6th, 2001, 8:46 am

motel 232 about 35 miles above quebec city cheap, decent food, gas, right on trail. i put 3500-4500 miles every yr. people are great trails fantastic
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Postby St. Zenon Zero » December 6th, 2001, 2:19 pm

The St. Zenon area is great. Plenty of places to stay. I live in Ohio but have a second home in St. Zenon and have been going there for 20 years. E-mail me if you need more info. The people that bash the area we don't want there anyway. Rode 3750 miles in Quebec last year and I think I had about 25 miles of rough trail. The rest was incredible.
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Postby ZR800EFI » December 6th, 2001, 11:09 pm

Living in Ontario and being about 40-minutes from the Quebec border, I ride the Quebec side quite often, and I don't understand how anyone can say their trail system sucks or the people aren't friendly?!?

Anywhere I've been, they're happy to help you if necessary, and if they can't speak english very well, they still try their best.

I've heard about the pipes and the 2-up riding before, as well as not being able to use studs in the parks, but never seen or heard of a problem first hand. Most people you come across are studded, many are riding 2-up, and some have pipes. Never seen them being pulled over and I've probably put 3000 miles on in Quebec alone in the past 2-years.

I've stayed in Mt.Laurier a few times with multiple motels just off the trail, and I've also stayed in the Maniwaki area, as well as the Tremblant area. No problems anywhere!
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