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snoguy ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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snoguy ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby snoguy14 » December 8th, 2001, 2:54 pm

What the what is with people i pick a name that is so lame that NOBODY would use it (i'm secure in my manhood i don't care what youz think of my name)i don't make comments on the site for a few weeks and i come back to see someone logged on as "snoguy" well i'm b***hen cause,WE HAVE NO SNOW, NO SNOW IN THE WEATHER FORCAST ,NO SNOW NO SLEDDIN NO FUN.I have done the snow dance,NO SNOW! WHERE IS MY SNOW? I have to go now thier loosening my "special"coat to feed me.BUT I WILL RETURN!LONG LIVE SKI-DOO.
I'm not fast, your just slow.
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snoguy ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby Snoguy » December 9th, 2001, 2:36 am

Hey, snoguy14, If you would have been posting when I joined, I probably would have went with a different name. But I wasn't gonna screen through all the members names.What does the 14 stand for?
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