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chicago program last night to add to riggs

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chicago program last night to add to riggs

Postby straycat » November 14th, 2002, 1:23 am

there was a thing on TV last night about the capreenie green housing project in chicago. For those that don't know what Capreenie Green is, It is a goverment funded housing project in Chicago for low income minority familys. One women that they had interveiwed was 26 years old and had 7 children! SEVEN!!! All by different men! And guess who is paying for this? Thats right you and I! Instead of getting a job and becoming a ussfull part of socity she just decided to get on her back and And collect wellfair from the state. The worst part of it is that she isn't even trying to improve her life and better her self, and get out. She will collect a welfair check till the last kid turns 18. At which time she will have more.
What realy burned me about this was she said that she had always wanted a big family. What about the responsable individuals that want a big family but know that they can not afford more than one or two children. So what do they do..... THEY DON'T HAVE ANY MORE CHILDREN!!!!!! I could not beleive what I was seeing. This lazy slump living off of you and I making a career out of having illigit kids to get her threw life.

But what the heck, that would be your criminal liberal self rightous wack jobs at work! This happens because they make it to easy to let it happen. What ever happened to social darwinisim! The strong shall survive and the week will be weeded!
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chicago program last night to add to riggs

Postby - -CHIG- ->>> » November 14th, 2002, 4:31 am

Yet another example of why MANDATORY sterilization would be a good thing. You want to be a burden to society then you lose your right to have kids.
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