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Postby bad-ass-zx800 » November 1st, 2001, 2:01 am

Hey guys its me again.Just wanted to let you guys know something. Holy hell what do you think i am stupid i didnt buy a polaris that would be the dumbest most stupidest thing i would have ever done. I am keeping my 2002 mxzx800. I just wanted to get you guys going this morning thats all make the boards a little more exciting and funny. All you polaris riders really got excited i bet.I am in a joking mood today for some reason o well.I didnt buy a polaris maybe next year but i still have my 2002 mxzx800 snowmobile of the year 2 tone on order. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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C@A Razor Skis
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J@T Ceramic Coated silencer.[/b]
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Postby (RYAN) » November 1st, 2001, 2:03 am


d**n you sots, you little bit_h!

I'm glad you've decided to stay with skidoo. Cause polaris sucks along with all there riders.
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Postby Xtreme XC » November 1st, 2001, 2:03 am

HAHAHAHAHA, I knew you were joking! That's why I didn't congratulate you, you gonna wish you weren't joking though by the end of the season, then I'll be laughing at you ... HAHAHA

Xtreme XC
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Postby SlapNuts » November 1st, 2001, 2:07 am

Oh well.... back to being good old DumbassBadass again.
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Postby tuna5 » November 1st, 2001, 2:14 am

geez bad ass you must be in a joking mood.......and btw ryan us polar riders arent stupid like you may think plus you r the one giving money to us canucks u might be the DUMB!!!! ASS!!!!!! TUNA
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Postby tnt8000 » November 1st, 2001, 2:15 am

i'm in school right now... and i ny friends were like why r u so mad so i told em u bought a polaris.... your an dick!... a big Dick... i'm really mad at u for pullin a stunt like that... its not frickin april fools!
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Postby SkiDooMan » November 1st, 2001, 2:15 am

Hey Bad-ass,
Your sled is very nice. They are building two-tone MX-ZX 800 with Rer.

Hope you will like it... (2 tones is awesome)

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Postby tuna5 » November 1st, 2001, 2:16 am

RYAN BTW YOU AND SKI-DON'T IT SUCK!!!!! THE!!!BIG!!!!!!!ONE!!!!!!!TO.......TUNA!!!!
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Postby CatmanZR800 » November 1st, 2001, 2:18 am

Ever been shot?

It stings really bad!
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Postby kenlacy » November 1st, 2001, 2:20 am

I see it was only a dream - obviously you tried to make it work but NO ONE would give up Their Sonic Blue Snowcheck. Hell, I would have stole from my childrens piggy bank before I'd let one of those slip.

By the way, I contacted Polaris about the actual # of 800's made in Sonic Blue. I have had no response. Anyone have any idea what the total # is.
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Then I thought...

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