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cable vs. pressure exhaust valves

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cable vs. pressure exhaust valves

Postby Snotcicles » October 31st, 2001, 1:39 am

Last year I bought a new ZR500 and my riding Bud naturally HAD to go get the XC-SP500. Well, we lined them up and he beat me. Sh#T! Then later on in the season after 850 miles or so, we lined them up again. This time I was able to beat him. He accused me of modifing it and not telling him, I did'nt. I told him I thought the cable operated valves on my cat were a better design because pressure activated ones won't work as well once they get some carbon build up on them. Anyone else had similar experiences? What type really is better?
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cable vs. pressure exhaust valves

Postby CatmanZR800 » October 31st, 2001, 2:04 am

According to what I've read, these two sleds should run "neck and neck" with each other. They both have the exact same horsepower. It'll basically boil down to who gets the best hole shot and traction. Try the best two-out-of- three and see what happens.
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cable vs. pressure exhaust valves

Postby (RYAN) » November 1st, 2001, 12:16 am

It all has to do with traction and weight when lining them two sleds up. They both make almost exact hp numbers. I think the xc500sp may be a bit lighter.
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cable vs. pressure exhaust valves

Postby Trail Cat » November 1st, 2001, 5:05 am

Compare how much the rider on each sled weighs too. No one ever talks about this but I'm sure no matter what sled you have it's going to take off a little slower when there is a 200 pounder as opposed to a 160 on the seat
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cable vs. pressure exhaust valves

Postby mnsnowman » November 1st, 2001, 7:50 am

I wouldn't say one is better than the other but the pressure activated ones are a whole lot simplier. They both will get carbon deposits and will have to be cleaned. I have the 500 xc sp and you really can tell when they need to be cleaned. A buddy of mine with a ZR 800 said the same of his.
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cable vs. pressure exhaust valves

Postby Big Native » November 1st, 2001, 8:50 am

I know the Ski-Doo RAVE valve is less liklely to fail, and does not need to be cleaned as often compaired to the other systems. They (Ski-Doo) has been using them on their sleds since the mid-eighties and pretty much have the RAVE's perfected. Rotax Adjustable Variable Exhaust
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