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Hand Signals

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Hand Signals

Postby Mainecat » November 13th, 2001, 5:38 am

I had a high school football coach that was a bugger. The one thing I remember to this day was when someone said coach ..I..thought..He would get right in their face and point his finger at them and say.... NEVER THOUGHT... "THINK"
My motto is: "Assume nothing"
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Hand Signals

Postby michahicks » November 13th, 2001, 8:08 am

I hope we can agree to disagree on the countdown
gestures. There are some thought provoking points coming to the surface here and honestly I enjoy that. In my wish to see countdowns used by oncoming traffic, I would like to explain that I am not looking for any gaurantees. I am only working on collecting information that I will use on the trail ahead of me. Like light conditions, weather, trail conditions, and traffic. How or if I use that information is up to me, but the information is there for the option. I am returning the courtesy to those going in the opposite direction. I am agreed on the point where in a perfect world everyone would maintain a level of control where they would never leave thier side of the trail for any reason. We are also agreed that that will never happen. I would add that I maintain a much higher level of concentration (or alertness)in the lead position during the day running at speed, maybe to the point where I chose to ignore your hand signals completely for I do not want to position myself to have to depend on them. It would be a much different level of alertness demanded by riding at a much slower pace, say while following someone on a clear night with exellent visibility. Not much comparison in the 2 situations and yes those would probably be the extremes. The thumb gesture you mention would provide all the information I would need. The fact that you ARE doing that pretty much makes all this a mute point, but I've enjoyed it. Something I take for granted like this can be really challenging to explain. Thanks for the chance. Maybe we will meet on the trail, and hopefully it will be by choice.

AL -(usually with 3 other riders, whose total riding experience would be something like 120+ years! But then who is counting?)
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Hand Signals

Postby Trekkr » November 14th, 2001, 12:49 am

Yep, agreed, AL. Well stated. Just trying to shed some light on why we don't signal back sometimes with the numbers and fists.
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Hand Signals

Postby Red Viper » November 14th, 2001, 12:40 pm

I'm torn brtween 2 emotions about finger waving. First, I laugh out load at the people doing it. It's entertaining to see 10 sleds tailgating each other, on a 2 mile straightaway, telling me how many sleds are right behind them.

Second, I am worried about a head on collision when someone approaching me has only one hand on the bars, and his brain thinking about how many fingers to hold up.
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Hand Signals

Postby pekabu » November 15th, 2001, 2:08 am

I usually ride in a smaller group 2-3 people. As for trail signs I don't really give stop and turn signs. I don't think the group needs turn signals, they are following me. As for Stop, well I do have a brake light, and we don't follow each other so close that they can't stop when they need to.

As for number of riders and end of group, we do give these signals. We signal that this is the end of our group. It's not perfect but it does help. One trip last year a group of riders was cutting this corner really tight, and so we stopped and let them go (really bad corner but they should have been over more) and sure enough 1 guy gives us there is one more rider, and so I waited. Well he fell behind some, and came tearing around the corner. He would have hit me. But, if another group was behind him, maybe I would have been hit anyway.

As to the amount of riders in a group, large numbers are bothersome. Also, some people where mittens, and I know a couple of guys who are missing fingers.

In NH, I took the snowmobile course a year or two ago and they really didn't push hand signals.
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