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Anyone ever order from Central Snowmobile in WI?

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Anyone ever order from Central Snowmobile in WI?

Postby gopack36 » January 17th, 2002, 10:53 pm

I am about to place an order for some pistons and rings from Central Snowmobile in Wisconsin. There website is I was wondering if anyone has ordered or delt with them in this forum? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you
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Anyone ever order from Central Snowmobile in WI?

Postby TnTs4mE » January 18th, 2002, 11:20 am

First off I'm sure that others have had good luck with Central snowmobile. But I haven't and will not use them. Like the saying goes 3 strikes and your out.

1st one. Called them and asked if the had a sled for a 77 r/v. Sure we do. Cool, now it has so be a 76 or 77 as the liquid skis are different. We got it. Well receive it and sure enough it was for a l/c blizzard. sent them back

2nd one. Called them for a set of pistons of another r/v I had. Sent them and when I opened the box I couldn't believe my eyes. Without even opening the box the piston was in. On the said it said Yamaha 292. Call them back and asked if they inspect before shipping. Well sent back.

3rd and final one. Sent the pistons back and they sent me different ones. Well they were for a 73 TNT 340 F/A. Called them again and said I told you what I had and this is the second time you got it wrong. They said that they were sorry and would make sure that I got the right ones. I told them I'll look else where. Sad part about it was I had to pay shipping which they credited, but also pay to send them back.

Bottom line is I would be using them any time soon
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Anyone ever order from Central Snowmobile in WI?

Postby Burky » January 19th, 2002, 6:40 am

I had the opposite experience when I ordered a new windshield from them. I called them one afternoon and stock checked the item, and they said they had 9 of them in stock. I mailed out a check and the windshield arrived within 5-6 days. Can't say if there is a problem when ordering used parts from the salvage portion of the place, but I have to give them a good recommendation.
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Anyone ever order from Central Snowmobile in WI?

Postby gopack36 » January 22nd, 2002, 11:07 pm

OK, Thanks for the reply. I think that I am going to order them from them just because They are cheaper than anyone else. Besides I go to Green Bay once a year and if the mess around with me I can always stop in there. Thanks for the reply guys!
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Anyone ever order from Central Snowmobile in WI?

Postby kawicat » January 23rd, 2002, 2:14 am

i will tell you my experience.

two years ago, my bro blow up his liquifire 440. we got the cylinders sleeved there. BIG MISTAKE! when we got them, the idoits bored it too far, and the sleeve stuck way down. we didn't an air leak test, and the one side would not hold a pound of air. so we called them up, and took the stuff back, and got a different set of cylinders. these were better, except that antifreeze leaked around the sleeve. this blew the head gaskets! and pretty much ruined the cylinders!

another time, my uncle had just picked up a mint 76 panther, and he put a throttle cable, brakee lever, and kill switch on it from central.

to make a long story short, when he started it up, the throttle cable stuck wide open, the brake lever broke (not able to stop it), and the kill switch top broke off( need i say more). the panther screamed right into his pick up. ruining the sled and his truck!

also, you know why they are so cheap? their parts are made in china, every bit of it!

if you have a cat get it from high performance engineering! i have had very good luck there, and the parts come the next day. most of the stuff is oem, but some is aftermarket.

spend the extra five bucks to get good parts and it will save you some stress.

that is just my take on them.....
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