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How many miles does avg. sledder ride each year

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How many miles does avg. sledder ride each year

Postby GlennXC » February 14th, 2002, 11:10 am

I rode about 1500 miles last year in maine. This year, winter has sucked and I have 650 on and 600 were put on Martin Luther King weekend and 50 were put on Sunday. But I'm leaving Friday for Quebec, I have the entire week off. I will probably put on 1500-2000 miles on. My friend put on 6200 last winter, 5500 the winter before that, 5400 the winter before that and 4800 the winter before that. Hes only 17. He has 2500 so far this year. The kid can ride. His dad put 8000 miles on last year. 4000 on an 01 XC 800 and 4000 on a 01 800 RMK SCS 151. Hes an even better rider. And my friends brother is only 12 and he put 4000 miles on his 01 500 XC SP last year. That kid is going to be a racer for sure.
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How many miles does avg. sledder ride each year

Postby Pacman » February 15th, 2002, 12:03 am

Usually I put around 2000-2500 miles a season.
Last season I put 4,500 kms on my 01SRX700.
This season, I have only 700 miles!!! not the best winter...
I think I should have over 1,200 miles by the end of the season...
Al. (02ZR800EFI)

As long as you ride!!!
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