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Polaris 2003

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Polaris 2003

Postby ZRJedi » February 28th, 2002, 2:36 am

Well, I know I am new here, but I have been reading with you for some time. But I just could not pass up the opportunity to share a nugget of info I heard from my bro-in law who has connections in Roseau.
Well here it is: Polaris will have a 866cc engine for 2003. Not sure if it is a bored out 800 or a new 'liberty' design. I am not really excited about it since I am a Cat guy but I though I would share it.
shhhh its still a secret! We will wait till the 8th to see if he is right. He told me not to say anything know how it goes.
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Polaris 2003

Postby PRO-X » March 1st, 2002, 8:45 am

he he he he ha ha ha ha!!!!
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