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I've been riding...

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I've been riding...

Postby 1FASTSLED » August 2nd, 2002, 4:41 pm

Join you sitting on the PWC? Um.........only if your bikini glows in the dark:p
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I've been riding...

Postby XC-Rider » August 3rd, 2002, 8:33 am

I posted this on the " site a few weeks ago

A friend and I went for a ride on the big lake last monday and tuesday. Talk about a blast! I have a 99 sltx 1050cc and my friend who's a dealer had a 02 1500 cc vortec sea-doo four stroke. Both are 3 seaters, although his is about a foot longer and also wider. The sea-doo rode much smoother on the rough stuff (3-4') waves, although my polaris was a much drier ride. Even the smaller waves had a habit of breaking over the bow of the vortec. That seemed to me to be the only flaw it had. We launched at canal park and rode under the lift bridge then headed up the wisconsin side for a while, then crossed over heading for the farthest point of land on the minnesota north shore that we could see. It was really different stopping so far offshore (6-12 miles) it seemed like we were on an ocean. We rode up the north shore, stopping at the Knife River Marina for gas, then headed up about as far as Gooseberry State Park, then headed back. On our return trip we saw a large (800-1000') freighter, going about 30 mph or so it seemed. We started jumping it's wake, staying back about 200-300 yards or so... Talk about major air time!! After jumping the wakes about a dozen times, I had my friend watch me and he said I was getting the bottom of my polaris about 10' out of the water, and covering about 25-30' in distance! It was all great until I had one pretty hard landing, hitting a wave flat on, which gave me and the PWC a good jolt, but otherwise we came out of it fine. We did a few more jumps, probably spending 15-20 minutes playing behind the big ship, then headed back towards duluth.. both of us ended up limping in on reserve. The next day, we trailered up to Two Harbors, launching there. We then rode up to split rock lighthouse and back, seeing the scenery from the lakeside perspective for a change. It was about 45 miles of 2-3' waves.. kinda choppy. I rode mine there and the 4 stroke back.. the vortec rode like a caddilac, really smoothing out the big waves. We then went back to canal park, relaunched and went the 18 miles thru the backwater channels to the headwaters of the St. Louis River. That was a nice smooth ride. After that, we went to the canal park beach for a little break, then rode along the mn and ws shoreline for about 20 miles, all of it sand beach. That was the nicest part of the whole trip, riding along the sand beach in nice calm water, since the wind was coming from the direction of the land.. I can't wait to go back and do it all again!

Now, we're heading back tomorrow for another two days riding on the big lake.. I think I may be a little more cautious with the freighters though, I wonder what kind of undertow currents they create, even when you are a few hundred yards behind them.
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