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I rope STARTED a new Ford Diesel today

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I rope STARTED a new Ford Diesel today

Postby SLEDHEADRED » December 19th, 2002, 9:34 pm

We got in one of them new 6.0 Ford turbo Diesel's.
The dang thing wouldnt start, so we just threw a rope around the crank and rotated the truck-LOL.
No more stinky stinky from the big bad Ford, haha I cant beleive I said big-bad-and ford in the same sentence, I crack myself up!!!
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I rope STARTED a new Ford Diesel today

Postby fast 600 » December 19th, 2002, 10:50 pm

We know the cummins h.o. will be stinky, it cannot be sold in calif. and 2 other states because it does not meet emissions.
fast 600
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I rope STARTED a new Ford Diesel today

Postby straycat » December 20th, 2002, 12:32 am

I have a customer who works at harvester who drops by now and then to pick up parts for his boat. He said that they have been working non-stop trying to fill all the orders for that new 6.0! It is quieter than the cumapart (but whos isn,t!) And it out performs the izuzu duramax!

Heres the stats:

Power stroke 2003 Ram 2003 GMC/izuzu
325 HP 250 HP 300 HP
560 FT/LBS torque 460 FT/lbs 520 FT/lbs

Prety impresive if you ask me!!!!!

But the cumapart still dosent meet the 2006 imissions standard!

Whats realy funny is the little old Japanese Diesels we have; they have been meeting the 06 standards for the past 4 years! LOL LOL LOL!!!
Till the speed overcomes the fear of death!

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I rope STARTED a new Ford Diesel today

Postby OldCatRacer » December 20th, 2002, 2:03 am

I had a 85 Chevy 3/4ton back years ago with the 6.2 and got 25 mpg It was a great truck, the pump was turned up. I'm like RED and the Ford I can't believe I said the Chevy was a great truck. Oh well!
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