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Suspension on a 96 FIII

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Suspension on a 96 FIII

Postby Brown » January 3rd, 2003, 4:46 pm

Can I put a SC-10 suspension in my 96 Formula 3?
How would i go about getting one? What would the price be?

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Suspension on a 96 FIII

Postby speednutt » January 4th, 2003, 12:47 am

YEs you can.. Skidoo actually makes a kit for this.. Not sure what the part# is anymore, but i have put one in..

Check with the dealer. IF they have a good parts guy, they will know what you are talking about..

about 5 years ago when i did this it cost me about $600 with a brand new sc10 sport included. But i get parts at 5% over cost though..


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Suspension on a 96 FIII

Postby Maniac » January 4th, 2003, 4:13 am

Yup, I've got one in my 96 F-III too.
I didn't do it, but to me it looks like two holes were drilled, old mount plates where ground off at the rivets and two new ones were riveted on.
Works great, just make sure the SC-10 has the ACM.
Good luck.

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