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Yamaha loyalist trashes his own....

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Yamaha loyalist trashes his own....

Postby The Borg » November 4th, 2003, 3:23 am

I know, I bash them all the time, but where can I get some f cats?
I need 6 cords worth for this winter. The ad said they were the hottest thing...anyone know how much creosote to expect?
Word is they split easy too.
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The Borg
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Yamaha loyalist trashes his own....

Postby WhatTheHellIsAnArcticCat? » November 5th, 2003, 12:35 am

Havin' to replace your clutch @ 3500 miles is only an issue???
It called using sub par components. Yam clutches lasted that long back in the mid 90's ace and double that now if not even more. Cfad had niggling issues not major nuts and bolts stuff like you skunk.
MK you don't think there are any disatisfied Cat customers either for performance or relibility? Man the drivel you spew over here would be laughable if you were credible so you are off the hook lol
A BIG LOL at the phrase "If Cat suddenly made a nice sled etc"
I will be smiling all day at that one:)
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Yamaha loyalist trashes his own....

Postby willpower » November 5th, 2003, 4:24 am

Suspension is a little stiff?? Last year my brother in law & I switched sleds & after riding that yami I told him there's got to be something wrong with rear suspension on this thing.He couldn't get over how my Sno Pro rode & handled. The thing has very low miles on it but he tore it apart & other than some VERY EXPENSIVE bushings it seems OK. As another yami rider put it " My sled rides like a haywagon"
As far as being easy to get more performance out of a Yami, I recall some freinds doing some VERY EXPENSIVE work on thier vipers and they had nothing but burn down problems for the rest of the winter!Oh I forgot you can't modify a viper PERFORMANCE SLED!!!!!!!!!
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