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5 hunters killed.....

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5 hunters killed.....

Postby Snojet Steve » November 24th, 2004, 10:29 pm

We'll see what the investigations yield. I will make no comments on this until more evidence is gathered.
Snojet Steve
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby raisinL » November 25th, 2004, 2:17 am

This whole thing scares me because this situation happened to me about 10 years ago. First thing If your hunting and are asked to leave your trespassing so leave. If you did'nt build the blind its not yours so don't hunt in it. My situation this guys hunting in one of my blinds opening morning when I get there I asked him to leave. The idiot tell me the property is not posted. We put one sign its posted. He tells me he aint leaving but asked me to leave. At this time his hunting bud walks up kind of pointing his gun asked me whats the problem. Your gun should be on your shoulder when your walking PERIOD. I tell them leave now or I call the cops. He tells me to go screw my self. I have 10 guys hunting my property now they come up and tell these two idiots to leave. Now you think at this time dumb & dumber would think thier trespassing. Now for the good part After about 5 minutes talking to theses two we all agree that most all the property around is private. My bud asked him if he owned any property around there he replyed he did'nt. Now he asked these two If they maybe had some written permission to hunt and they replyed they did'nt. So then leave They asked us where our written permision was. Some people sould'nt be allowed to breed cause this is what happens. Finally after half hour of arguing they leave. Some people are so dumb that could have gotten nasty real quick the guy pointing his gun talking chit.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby mnsnowboy » November 25th, 2004, 4:20 am

[quote]But this incident is not proof of anything other than the fact that ONE GUY is a freak. [/quote]

Well said, John. Although- the Hmong can't use the "Well, we weren't educated on the laws of hunting" excuse however. Wherever I go, I educate myself on whatever I am taking part in. Like sledding, for example. I wanna know what fees there are, what license regulations to follow, etc. This is just a bad ordeal that NO ONE should have been killed over, although I guess nothing is. ??? But anyway, it is hard to not stereotype, I will admit that. You are also correct in how you compare it to snowmobilers. When the enviro-nazis see one snowmobiler terrorizing wildlife, they think that all of them do things similar. Bad deal. I want to hear both sides of the arguement for myself, there are so many red flags here that I just don't like on both sides.

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5 hunters killed.....

Postby Norsk » November 25th, 2004, 5:09 am

First of all, there is no "race" card being played in my statement!

Secondly, I am a land owner, and I hunt on MY land!

If a person is coming from another area or is going to hunt in an area, don't most people go out and look for a hunting spot before they just go wandering into the woods? I have not always been a land owner and have hunted on public and on other peoples private land. I went before hand and spoke to the landowner, to see if they had an area that I could hunt. I was told "no" many many times, and I said "thank you, have a nice day". I then found a public spot that I was not putting myself in danger and not putting others in danger, and I got deer some years and not other years. I have not been shot, or shot anyone! I haven't made anyone mad that I know of, and I have felt dissapointed by many less caring hunters, but not mad, since they have the same right to hunt there as I do!

As a land owner, every **** year, we have people that walk all over us and taunt us with their bullish behavior and total lack of respect for landowners, like it is our fault that they have not found a way to secure hunting areas by purchasing land or aquiring permission to hunt on other peoples land! It is pathetic!

Anyone that uses the statement, "He has 6 kids to feed and he needs the meat", needs to stop and think first, since there are stores that sell it and there are safe ways to hunt it and if you can't afford to feed your family, then MAYBE YOU SHOULD THINK OF HAVING SMALLER FAMILIES AND QUIT POLLUTING THE WORLD WITH KIDS THAT THE REST OF US ARE IN SOMEWAY SUPPORTING THROUGH TAX MONEY THAT CAN BE BETTER SPENT SUPPORTING ELDERLY THAT HAVE WORKED THERE ENTIRE LIFES TO TRY AND LIVE THEIRS OUT PEACEFULLY!

I strongly support the right to keep and bear arms, if you don't think so try to take mine or my neighbors! I also believe that not everyone should own a gun, because they don't understand or respect them!

Sorry so long winded!
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby Zert2Rev » November 25th, 2004, 9:44 am

If this guy was trained so well in the militry why was he so lost???
Myself let the courts let him go then have justice served there way!!!
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby SALTALAREV » November 25th, 2004, 12:01 pm

The guy was so trained in the military that he knew enough to turn his orange camo inside out and turn invisible with his reversible camo. This is all BS.

I have a story that could have gotten ugly but did not involve myself. I know someone that shot a huge buck a few years ago, The shot was not a very good shot and someone else killed the deer, Well the guy that took the first shot found the other guy gutting out his deer that he thought he killed. The guy gutting out the deer was no way going to give up that deer so the guy I know politely said "By the looks of things, My stick is a bit larger than yours" and the guy doing the gutting turned white and ran very fast.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby JohnPrusak » November 25th, 2004, 1:31 pm

Just to clarify my thoughts, I agree with everybody who is super-angry at this guy, and hanging him from the treestand is not a bad idea, especially after hearing that he shot a man who was running away in the back, and mowed down a couple of other folks when they arrived on their ATV -- by his own admission!! I am not at all defending this guy, all I'm saying is hold it against him and only him, not other people who happen to share his skin tone or background.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby gpx433 » November 26th, 2004, 6:13 am

to the poster who said the land owners should of posted their land,in wi you don't have to,the hunter has to know where he or she is at all far as the race card,i don't buy it at all.i beleive in the right to bear arms, (i have 10)but what the hell was he doing in the woods with a sks?not your most popular hunting gun.i also agree with norsk.hunting is a privlage not a right.i quit hunting on our own property because of all the trouble with these yahoos in northern wi.
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