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two 800 revs overheating

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two 800 revs overheating

Postby usertec5467 » December 17th, 2002, 1:31 pm

Has anyone heard of 800rev overheating.We rode 300 miles and both sleds overheated several times.also is the fuel gage accurate on anyones rev or even close.
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two 800 revs overheating

Postby Shredder » December 20th, 2002, 2:11 pm

I have heard of them getting hot during engine break in period. my dealer told me to stop and kick snow on the heat exchanger several times.
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two 800 revs overheating

Postby SALTALAREV » December 20th, 2002, 9:23 pm

Only one time did my temp light come on. And it is due to lack of snow on the roads. hard pack ice is a no no for these sleds. dip back into the fluff and should be a go
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two 800 revs overheating

Postby Whitester » December 22nd, 2002, 12:18 pm

Don't know about the overheating, but the fuel gauge SUCKS!!! Mine will say it is empty, and I still have 2.5 gallons in it! Maybe even 3 gallons. The gauge sucks! Not even close to being accurate.
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two 800 revs overheating

Postby Skidoo4food » December 30th, 2002, 10:28 pm

Have a 600X. Overheating not a problem, but fuel gauge sucks a big one! Says I,m empty and puts in $7.00 in gas......................... If I had to do it all over would I buy something different? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! Love this sled. Makes a good rider out of an average one.
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two 800 revs overheating

Postby O'Hara » January 6th, 2003, 8:47 am

I have a 2002 800 MXZ and it overheated on the ice many times last weekend (while my buddies 583 ran all day without a problem). Is this a "big bore" problem??
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two 800 revs overheating

Postby 03revreck » January 6th, 2003, 11:52 am

Salty is correct hard pack ice is not friendly with the rev, this sled is for trails, ride the trails hard all day and heatis a non issue
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