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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby BLADEGUY » October 17th, 2001, 12:22 am

I am going to buy a Blade 1WX 700VES. Everyone thinks I'm nuts becuase of the cost. Nobody calls Harley owners nuts, or Porshe owners. I have not ridden one, but I am basing my decision on the articles I have read, and a guy I talked to who was buying one. He got to test ride it against the best from all except Ski Doo, and said it wasn't even close. I am a high miler, so I already dig the M-10, even though it is a little looser than the rest. I know it isn't pretty, but that's not why I'm buying it. Handling, center of gravity, weight. The 700 will weigh 430 lbs with JACK.

I have an MXZX 800 on order, but I can get out of it. It's red, and I think its the best looking sled (in red) followed very closely, or tied with the Blue and Yellow Polaris. I've read all the trash on the Doo 800, but I will miss the DESS, DPM, and RER. These are all really cool stuff, I think. I love my Ski Doos, but this machine seems like the ultimate. I also think that the resale will be high, lowering the net cost of owning one.

Well, thats it. Am I nuts?
I want to ride every day, all day, as fast as I can.
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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby Xtreme XC » October 17th, 2001, 12:59 am

Well, if money ain't an issue with you, buy it!
Xtreme XC
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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby BLADEGUY » October 17th, 2001, 1:15 am

Moneys not tight. But I'm a computer jockey. Like lots of us, I made a lot of money during Y2K, and now I'm unemployed. I have enough dough to buy the sled, ride all winter, and live comfortably - at least through the year, when I can sell it if I need to. I don't like to just pi## my money away, either. This is going to cost me more than my tow vehicle. I bought a used '97 Montero Sport for $14,500. However, snowmobiling is my favorite thing to do. I can afford it, even if it's not the smartest thing to do. And I can ride it everyday this winter! (If I don't get a job). I'm hoping it's everything they say it is, and that it will have a descent resale because of it's limited availability. It sure sounds like fun, though!
I want to ride every day, all day, as fast as I can.
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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby Drifthopper » October 17th, 2001, 3:35 am

There were two for sale in the back of the last issue of snow week.
Last years, I think.
Give them a call for an opinion.

But, Hey, Buy it!

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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby Rock's Off » October 17th, 2001, 4:17 am

If I had the $$$ I'd be nut's too!!! BUY IT HAVE FUN!!! Let it snow.
Rock's Off
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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby tnt8000 » October 17th, 2001, 6:48 am

go buy the sled!
2 sleds
30 000km combined
thats a hell of alot of real world riding!
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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby NH_Renegade » October 17th, 2001, 10:40 am

It should be a kick butt sled as long as the ergonomics work out. Did you atleast sit on one?
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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby Sledge » October 17th, 2001, 10:59 am

i have never bought anything planing on resale , but i did hear alot of onlookers here at the display at the NHSA grass drags and watercross choking on the cost. id question the ability to selling it if needed.
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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby Slednut » October 17th, 2001, 12:07 pm

I don't think your nut's. Hell, I'd do it if I could afford it. (wife, 4 kids, mtg, etc...)
But here's some advice. You say your a high mile rider, and like the trails. My suggestion would be to forgoe the 1WX and go for the STRIKER X. It comes with a longer 136" skid, as well as a 1.25" Camoplast track. The longer skid is the way to go if you want a nice ride and do lots of miles.(Just look at the Renegade and SKS examples, even the big guys are starting to realize this.) You can still get the 700VES engine and all the same options, but I think you'd be a lot happier with the ride and handling of it. Think it over!
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Buying a BLADE - Am I nuts?

Postby 2002XCSP700 » October 17th, 2001, 12:47 pm

Buy the blade man...What ever makes ya happy! Hope you like it.
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